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Pete A. Sanders Jr.  is an Honors Graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (principle studies BioMedical Chemistry and Brain Science) and a Veteran (Top Secret Cleared Naval Officer during the Post-Vietnam Cold War Era) with family members that have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. His Mind.Body discovery for how to Self-Trigger Natural Mood Elevation without alcohol, nicotine, drugs, or overeating helps to ease ALL of life's distresses. It can also be a valuable asset in combating the negative effects of PTSD.

Mr. Sanders' discoveries are being made available FOR FREE for Vets, Active Duty Military and their families thru the YouTube links below.

(For other mind/body/spirit discoveries made by Mr. Sanders go to www.freesoul.net)


"InnerTechnology" ®

PTSD Relief: Mind/Body Discoveries
by M.I.T. Honors Graduate, Pete A. Sanders Jr.,
for Stress Reduction and Natural Mood Elevation

Copyright Copyright © 2011 & 2015 Pete A. Sanders Jr., Sedona, AZ

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Segment 1 - Why Mind/Body Discoveries Can Help You  (12 min.)

Segment 2 - Rapid Stress Reduction and Blood Pressure Lowering (12 min.)

Segment 3 - Identifying the Layer of the Brain that Creates Distress (11 min.)

Segment 4 - Locating YOUR Natural Moor-Elevation Nerve Fibers (10 min.)

Segment 5 - How to Self-Trigger Mood-Elevation Pulses (10 min.)

Segment 6 - Partner Assisted Option and Final Mental Self-Triggered Mood Elevation (12 min.)

Segment 7 - Additional Info/Options for Using Natural Mood-Elevation Techniques (15 min.)

These video clips made available thanks to Pete A. Sanders Jr. (Sedona, AZ), and filmer, Trish Roesser of Video Atlantic (Virginia Beach, VA) and video enhancer/YouTube downloader, Norvell Rose of Rose Productions (Virginia Beach, VA)